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Tube-Reverb schematic, V1-1

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Offline warteko

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Tube-Reverb schematic, V1-1
« am: 31.03.2022 12:12 »
Looking at the schematic of the Tube-Reverb project, I notice that on the schematic nothing is connected to the control grid (pin 2) of V1-1. But  looking at the layout diagram, this pin is connected to R7. But strangely on this layout R6 &R7 are shown with 4 grey bands instead of a valid color coding (being 2.2 M-ohms should be red-red-green, and maybe gold for the precision class.
Am I right to think that there is a link missing between R6/R7/C3 common junction and pin 2 of V2 ? Kind of cathode follower ?



Offline stephan61

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Re: Tube-Reverb schematic, V1-1
« Antwort #1 am: 31.03.2022 14:45 »
Hi Chris,
yes, you are right. There is a bug in the schematic, the junction R6/R7/C3 should be connected to the grid of R1/1.
Also, you may refer to the original schematic of the Fender Reverb Unit. There it is shown in the correct way.

Regards Stephan
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Re: Tube-Reverb schematic, V1-1
« Antwort #2 am: 31.03.2022 20:10 »

Best regards, Dirk
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