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Friedman Smallbox 50 - Schematic

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Friedman Smallbox 50 - Schematic
« am: 17.04.2022 04:34 »
Hey friends,
How you’re doin’?

I need help here… just want to confirm that I have the Friedman Smallbox schematic - without any mod.

Anyone had experience with that amp?
I really love it but it’s impossible to find one in Brazil.



Offline MaVo

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Re: Friedman Smallbox 50 - Schematic
« Antwort #1 am: 11.03.2023 11:03 »

From the gutshots I‘ve seen, the power supply has different values for the electrolyte capacitors. Namely 2x 32uF around the Choke and 32uF and 16uF between the dropping resistors. The intention of this supply is to be spongy and fast, yielding a low time constant, therefore the relatively low component values of the capacitors. The rest of the circuit seems right to me.